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10013 NE Hazel Dell Ave. #118, Vancouver, WA, 98685
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Lead Vocals / Writing 
Wit. Humor. Talent. Oh snap ! What's she gonna do ??? Unpredictably fun, this band leader has the loudest voice. Lyrics are her forte. Awesome and strong vocals for the covers, awesome lyrics for the originals. Mountain lions are drawn to her voice and bobcats have been known to purr in her presence. Texas native Christi Mangner sings, writes, entertains for the band. For the audience. 
Drums / Percussion 
Yuck.Yuck.Yuck. Jim Schmeling. Could he be any more hilarious ? Jim keeps the band in stitches. And on beat. And his sweet dog Max is the band mascot. He’s been in bands in the Pacific Northwest for an excruciatingly long time. (Jim. Not Max) And since TSG practices in his garage, he has to feed them. The Shaman says so. 
Keyboards / Vocals
Phil Carroll is our virtuoso on the ivories. He can play anything on anything. And he can PLAY ! Pounding out leads and riffs like a madman. He loves to play and it shows. He is the newest member of There She Goes, but seems like he's been there forever. 
Guitar / Vocals 
Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, background vocals, neuro surgery, veteranary science, calculus professor....oh wait. Just the music stuff. Co-writer of TSG's originals and big fan of them, Amy Wells calls TSG her favorite band of all time. Her favorite animal? This week it's the bald eagle. She has bird watching binoculars. And she has fun, too. How can you not with this crew ! 
Bass Guitar
Boomin. Right on the money. On the mark. Anthony "A.C." Carroll's 5-string bass is 1/5 of the band's sound. But his direction and knowledge of the music of TSG is so much more. Music knowledge, rock history, radio ga-ga, and needlepoint. The band would not have the tight sound it does without A.C. Kind hearted and sure footed like a winning greyhound, he lays down the funk and rock. Thank you Anthony. For all the funk you do. JK about the needlepoint. We really don't have any hard evidence... 
 Open House Ministries

The band is heavy in the world of distribution of goods to those in need through area organizations. One of them is Open House Ministries, located at 900 W 12th St., Vancouver, WA, 98660 

The services provided are primarily for homeless, low income families, temporarily financially affected persons, domestic violence, or fire loss. Services are based on financial need. 
That no one should be without clothing, food, and an education within our reach.

Meeting the needs of the community through child, youth, and adult educational services. They provide many new programs at low cost or free of charge that will enhance the lives of many Clark County residents that have a great need to learn how to read and write. 
PLEASE check them out.